Infex 10 Series Integrated Roughness and Contour Measuring Instrument

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Description Item specifics
Higher accuracy and wider measuring range roughness and contour measuring solutions.
Conduct high accuracy contour, waviness and roughness analysis by one time measurement.

Air floating anti-vibration structure system, can meet higher accuracy measurement request.
Self-developed air floating anti-vibration structure system, used for WALE higher accuracy series measuring instrument,is also optional according to measuring request.

More convenient control unit
The control unit integrates commonly used control command buttons, convenient for operator fast motion control operation and save measurement time. 

Fast motion mode, speed can be 50mm/s
Adopt high-speed transmission components for both driver unit and column module, which greatly increases the motion speed and improves the measurement efficiency.

Equipped with upgraded version measuring software system 
The upgraded version measuring software system introduces the concept of the measurement object, which can conduct a comprehensive analysis for the measurement object.
The measurement report can be customized edited according to user request. 

Application Case

Technical Specification
 Model  Infex 10
 Column   Measuring range  0-620mm optional
 Drive unit  Measuring range  0-220mm optional
 Indicating accuracy   ±(0.8+1.5L/100)μm
 Straightness   ≤0.3μm/100mm
 Detector   Measuring range   ±10mm
 Z1 axis contour indicating accuracy   ≤±(0.5+|0.08H|)μm
 Z1 axis roughness indicating accuracy   ≤±(4nm+2.5%)
 Repeatability  1δ≤1nm
 Residual noise  ≤4nm
 Stylus   Standard,diamond 5μm/90°
 Measuring accuracy  Arc   ≤±(1+R/12)μm
 Arc Pt  ≤±0.3μm
 Angle  ≤±1′
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