Infex 8 Series Integrated Roughness and Contour Measuring Instrument

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Cost-effective roughness and contour one time measurement solution.
Adopt high rigidity, high accuracy, maintenance-free linear motion guide rail, can control the measuring system with high precision performance.

Application Case

Technical Specification
 Model  Infex 10
 Column   Measuring range  0-620mm optional
 Drive unit  Measuring range  0-220mm optional
 Indicating accuracy   ±(0.8+2L/100)μm
 Straightness   ≤0.3μm/100mm
 Detector   Measuring range   ±10mm
 Z1 axis contour indicating accuracy   ≤±(0.8+|0.12H|)μm
 Z1 axis roughness indicating accuracy   ≤±(8nm+3.5%)
 Repeatability  1δ≤2nm
 Residual noise  ≤0.012μm
 Stylus   Standard,diamond 5μm/90°
 Measuring accuracy  Arc   ≤±(1.2+R/12)μm
 Arc Pt  ≤±0.3μm
 Angle  ≤±1′
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