CBA-T Series Heavy Oversize Bearing Roundness Measuring Instrument

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Description Item specifics
Adopts with rotary structure designed detector, the precision axis system of the roundness measuring instrument is not affected by the weight of the measured part. 
It has high measurement accuracy, suitable for heavy and oversize workpieces measurement.
Automatic centering and leveling adjustment design, covenient for high work efficiency.
The beam adopts lightweight design with carbon fiber material, will not be deformed with long time work life.
Automatic balance mechanism to ensure stable running performance.
The parts support points are equipped with buffer mechanism to prevent the bearing from colliding while placed on the instrument.

Measuring diameter:2000~3500mm
Spindle accuracy[1]:±(0.7+6H/10000)μm
Support frame load-bearing:500KG
Adjustment: automatic centering and leveling
[1]:  (H: the height from table)
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