Piston Measuring Solution

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Product introduction
As we know, the important elements of engine piston such as sectional profile, skirt profile, compression height, closing valve pit height, offset, sectional deviation angle, are all related to the center line of pinhole, which become the basic point of measurement. The measuring method of the center line is mostly through double fixture with low precision and is easily affected by the human factors.

RP100 comprehensive measurement instrument applies the 2D laser scanning probe that can accurately measure the actual axis line of the pinhole, which is the benchmark for all measuring parameters, so that the ultrahigh measurement for the piston can be guaranteed.

Measuring items 
Piston outer circle: cross sectional profile, longitudinal sectional profile, axiality
Piston pinhole: diameter, unilateral pin hole, cylindricity, eccentricity
Piston ring groove: angle, bottom diameter, transitional fillet radius of groove bottom.
Piston compression height
Closing valve pit and center distance
Configuring the special software package for Piston Profile, oval section measurement, cross sectional lift of piston, profile and ovality.
Analyzing the waviness, frequency spectrum, contour, gaps/burrs removal, waveform, harmonic to measure the roundness, cylindricity, axiality, concentricity, runout, parallelism, flatness, perpendicularity.

Technical parameters
Spindle accuracy:≤±0.025μm 
System errors:≤0.05μm 
Resolution of the detector: ≤0.01μm 
Max. piston measuring diameter: 150mm 
Max. piston measuring height: 200mm 
Radius range: ≤500μm 
Min. inner diameter: Φ1mm 
Load capacity: 43Kg

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