CBP4500L Oversize Bearing Slewing Support Peach Groove Measuring Instrument

Item No.:

Description Item specifics
Mobile structure design, convenient for worksite operation.
Equipped with double digital detector, stronger 
anti-interference ability performance.
Carbon fiber material measurement arm, reduces the deformation caused by temperature changes.


Technical Specification:
Model No. CBP4500L
Measuring way Vertical measuring
Motion axis Z axis 255mm
Detector 50mm
X axis 50mm
Accuracy Detector linear accuracy[1] ±(3μm+|0.15H|)μm
Z axis[2] ±(3.5μm+0.02L)μm
Motion speed Z axis 4 gear can be customized
Measuring function Contour Oversize workpiece surface line features, point features, distance between points,
distance between lines.
Position accuracy of features, including distance,
parallelism, verticality, angle, groove depth, groove width, radius.
Can perform analysis for straightness, convexity and contour.
[1]:  (H: measuring height)
[2]:  (L: measuring length)
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