CBPR-MH Series Oversize Bearing Roughness and Contour Measuring Instrument

Item No.:

Description Item specifics
Max. measuring diameter 1200mm
Adopt with floor-standing structure design, provide safety protection for the operator and instrument.
The detector measuring direction can be changed to perform measurement of inner raceway of outer ring and outer raceway of inner ring.
The support point of the fixture is as close as possible to the measurement point
to reduce the measurement deviation caused by deformation of thin-walled parts.
With special fixture design, the parts can be measured after placed, no need adjustment.

Measuring diameter range:300-1200mm
Contour detector range:0~40mm
Roughness detector range:±620μm
Contour linear accuracy[1]:≤±(0.8+|0.15H|)μm
Roughness linear accuracy:≤±(5nm+2.8%)
[1]:  (H: measuring height)
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