CBPR5600X Oversize Bearing Slewing Support Conical Surface Roughness and Convexity Measuring Instrum

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With mobile operation structure, suitable for oversize parts contour measurement.
With improved structure design, have stronger anti-collision ability performance.
Take the ceramic material guide rail as the measurement datum, 
and the measurement accuracy can be maintained even the temperature have big change.
 Wide measuring range design, convenient for adjustment.
The roughness and contour measurement can be operated at the same time.

Contour linear accuracy[1]:±(1.5+|0.15H|)μm     
Roughness linear accuracy:≤±(7nm+3.5%)   
Residual noise[2]:≤0.012μm  
[1]:  (H: measuring height)
[2]:  (measuring with square wave standard gauge block, Ra is 0.35 ~ 0.5μm.)
[3]:  (λc is 0.08mm, optical flat sampling speed 0.1mm/s.)

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