Solution for non-contact roundness and cylindricity measuring instrument

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Product introduction
With high precise machine spindle as the center of rotation, laser sensor to obtain the elements of the components, it makes the evaluation through the analyzing software. 

The laser sensor is the non-contact measurement with large measuring range and high efficiency. Aiming to evaluate the parameters such as the roundness and cylindricity for the workpiece and stampling by collecting the measuring point of the same radius. The effective and fast automatic measurement can be achieved by designing the related fixtures.

Measuring items
Roundness, cylindricity, concentricity and runout.

Technical parameters
Laser sensor measuring range:18mm 
Resolution of Laser sensor:0.2μm 
Accuracy of laser head:1μm 
Max.measuring height:280mm 

Max.measuring diameter:Φ280mm 
System error:6%
Load capacity:10kg 
Min.inner diameter: Φ150mm
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