Solutions for the profile of Large Slewing Bearings

Item No.:

Description Item specifics
Specification CBP4500L
Measuring method Vertical measurement
Moving axes Z axis 255mm
detector 50mm
X axis 50mm
Accuracy Linear precision ≤±(3+|0.15H|)μm  
Z axis ≤±(3.5+0.02L)μm  
Moving speed Z axis 0.1~10mm/s

Measuring items

Line and point elements of components surface, distance between point and point, line and line, position degree including distance, parallelism, perpendicularity, angle, groove depth and width, radius, able to analyze straightness, convexity and contour. 

Brief description for the scheme

With the issues of large volume, heavy weight that difficult to move to the measurement table, the scheme is aiming to mount the machine of measuring system vertically, analyze the stress state of precise measuring standard guide through the finite element and mathematical modeling, by applying Cartesian coordinates measuring method to measure the components’surface profile precisely.

Major application industry

The measurement of parameters including raceway’s radius, arc contour, the center of raceway circle, heavy-duty transmission gear’s tooth profile for the pitch bearing, yaw bear, CT bearing and slewing bearing in the wind driven generator industry.

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