Thread measuring instrument

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Product function
Thread measurement: pitch diameter, single pitch diameter, large diameter, minor diameter, screw pitch, thread angle, half of thread angle, taper, addendum arc, dedendum arc, width at tooth tip, width of bottom, tooth height and can distinguish automatically.

Measuring efficiency: special software for thread measurement, which can calculate the all the parameters automatically and generate the consequence in just a few seconds.

Measuring precision: high precise RENISHAW optical encoder with resolution of 0.05 for each axis, measured by laser interferometer to ensure the original data can be extremely accurate. 

Intellectual level: all the parameters are finished by the computer and the automatic measurement by the program can be set.

Convenience: all the upper and lower rim forms and parameters can be presented in a report.

Measuring range
Outside diameter:16~60mm
Inside diameter:16~60mm 
Max. scanning range:120mm 

Measuring accuracy
Ring gauge of roundness thread : inner diameter≥16mm, half of thread angle≥27° 
Pitch diameter:土(5+6H/60) μm 
Single diameter:土(5+6H/60) μm 
Pitch:士(1. 5+2H/4) μm
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